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Price: € 34.500,-
Year: 1968
Milage: 4597 km
Chassis number: AS800-1005202
Body: convertible
Colour outside: White
Colour inside: Black
Wheels: Steel disk wheels
Engine specification: 4 cylinder line
Engine capacity: 791 cc
Engine power: 78 HP
Gearbox: Manual 4 speed

For sale Honda S800 convertible in the colour white with a black interior. Unique is that there are an original hard top and a soft top with the car, you can drive open in good weather or close with the hard top on. This Honda S800 was delivered new in the Netherlands on June 21, 1968, the selling price at that time was Fl. 8.995, – (Gulden).

The current owner, a true Honda enthusiast, bought the S800 in 2000. In the past 20 years he drove about 100.000 km with the S800 and the car has been very well maintained and improved during those years. The body was completely repainted in 2018, photos of this work are available.

The current owner has regularly been on holiday with the Honda and took with him  his classic trailer. The towbar is detachable but can also be completely disassembled, so that the back looks original again. If desired, the trailer will be delivered with the car.

Several times an article has been made of this special Honda and published in a number of old-timer magazines, these articles are available in our sales folder. The original service manuals are also present.

It is a thrill to drive a Honda S800, the 4 cylinder 791cc high revving engine makes a fantastic sound and produces 70 hp at 8.000 rpm. The four-speed manual gearbox drives the rear wheels.

The following options are present: hard top, tonneau cover, luggage rack with suitcase, oldtimer trailer, wide rims with tires, radio, front fog lights, extra cooling fan for the radiator, windshield, special air filters, original air filter housing is also not present and headrests have been mounted.

This is part of the history of Honda as a sports car manufacturer, in the early 1960s the name Honda had already become world famous for its achievements in motorcycle production. Soichiro Honda was a self-made man, died in 1946 as his own technical research institute, and in 1948 became the motorcycle manufacturer.

His first foray into the four-wheel market was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1962 and consisted of the T360 and S360. The T-car was a small pickup, while the S360 was a cute two-seater. Both cars were equipped with the smallest four-cylinder engine used in a car. Despite its small size of 360cc, the engine produced 30 hp; similar to the output Volkswagen Beetle, which had an engine three times its size.

While the T version went into production (and became a major seller) in 1963, the S360 was further developed into the S500. Originally intended to be powered by a 491 cc, the production versions had a 530 cc engine, producing 44 hp at 8.000 rpm. Amazingly, the red line was at 9.500 rpm. The body of the car retained the same general proportions of the original S360.

The engine was based on proven motorcycle technology, with a roller bearing crankshaft and four separate Keihin carburettors. The suspension was completely independent front and rear. At the rear, engine experience was used, where the wheels were attached to two swing arms, which contained the chains used for the final drive. The S500 went into production in October 1963 and was discontinued in September 1964 after just over 1.300 cars.

The S500 was replaced by the similar but larger S600 engine. The power was 57 hp at 8.500 rpm. This model also became available as a fastback coupé and remained in production from mid-1964 to mid-1967. A total of 13.084 S600 models were produced, including 1.800 coupes.

The last and most famous version appeared in 1966 and was called S800, referring to the engine that now had a displacement of 791 cc. It produced 70 horsepower at a more modest 8.000 rpm. Initially the chain drive system was retained, but after the first 1.000 cars were delivered, Honda fitted a conventional axle. It was held in place by means of wishbones, coil springs and a panhard bar. Both body versions remained in production, although the roadster was by far the most popular.

Exports had started with the S600 and a larger market was foreseen for the S800, including the US and many more European countries. It turned out to be a popular car, although its revving ability (and reliability) was the first to be met with skepticism and disbelief. Those who could tolerate the engine noise were rewarded with a highly manoeuvrable and for that time relatively fast sports car, which also achieved several successes in the smaller motorcycle racing classes. In standard form, it can reach 100 miles, reaching a speed of 0-100 km / h in just over 13 seconds.

Production finally ceased in 1970 after approximately 11.406 S800s (both versions) left the factory. Honda’s first sports car will always be associated with the sound it produces, which ranged from a large vacuum cleaner in standard form to a pure racing jet fighter. Still, the rev power has to be seen in comparison to the Honda motorcycles, which in GP trim are well over 22.000 rpm. turned.

This Honda S800 is not in our showroom. If you would like more information or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact Lex van Lammeren at or 0031-611-508738. We are very easy to reach from the airports of Amsterdam or Eindhoven. I look forward hearing from you.