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Price: € 39.500,-
Year: 1958
Milage: 90.230 km
Chasisnumber: 347852
Body: Coupé
Colour outside: Elfenbein Weiss
Colour inside: Red / white
Wheels: Disk wheels
Engine specification: 4 cylinder
Engine capacity: 1.493 cc
Engine power: 75 PK
Gearbox: 4 speed manual

Borgward was a German car brand that existed from 1939 to 1963. It was associated with several companies founded by Carl Borgward, which were based in Bremen. For a short while, Borgward was the second largest automaker in the Federal Republic of Germany. In total, just over a million cars were produced.

Initially, Borgward built his cars only under the name Goliath, later also under the names Hansa and Lloyd (companies he took over), and from 1939 he also built under his own name. The first Borgward was the Borgward Hansa 1500. The best known and most popular Borgward was the Borgward Isabella.

The Isabella was designed by Carl Borgward and was presented on June 12, 1954. The coupe, with a self-supporting body, not only looked good, the performance was also decent. The 1,500cc engine, in which experiences with the 1.5 liter engine from the racing car were incorporated, delivered 75 HP and had a top speed of 135 km / h. The fully synchronized four-speed gearbox was operated with a hydraulic clutch. Most striking, however, were the beautiful lines and the spacious interior. There were four versions: Sedan, Estate, Coupé and Cabriolet.

In 1961 the Borgward group went down spectacularly. The American Importer went bankrupt, leaving Borgward with a surplus. On February 4, 1961, Carl Borgward was given a choice: go into receivership, or transfer all ownership of the Borgward group to Bremen. Borgward chose the latter. In 1965 Der Spiegel published that the company never had to go bankrupt. By today’s standards, it was not a real bankruptcy either, as all creditors were paid properly. Just over a million vehicles were made.

COMEBACK: Christian Borgward and Carl F.W. Borgward grandsons of the founder, have revived the brand. They announced this in March 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show, where the first model, the BX7, was presented. The cars are manufactured in the China.


This Borgward Isabella Coupé was built in 1958 and is characterized by the large grill that continues in the hood. According to chassis number, this is the 1,851 car that has been built. This Isabella was registered in the Netherlands in 1965, see also the beautiful old Dutch registration.

The last owner bought this Borgward Isabella as a restoration project in 2001 and had the Borgward restored. The restoration was completed in 2005 and afterwards beautiful trips were made with the Isabella Coupé in good weather.

Optional extras include a manual sunroof, an electric fuel pump and a radio with antenna. The car comes with a sales folder in which part of the history of the car is described, invoices of purchased parts, restoration photos, old Dutch license plate and an appraisal report.

This Borgward Isabella Coupé is in our showroom. If you would like more information, detailed photos or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact Lex van Lammeren at or 0031-611-508738. We are very easy to reach from the airports of Amsterdam or Eindhoven. I look forward hearing from you.